prepitaph is a personal website for a small group of people to exchange (mostly) technology-related content and to record thoughts and experiences for posterity – primarily our future selves.

Both code and content can be found in the public repository. You might also be interested in the Authoring Guide.

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This website avoids collecting personal data whenever possible. There are no cookies, analytics or third-party trackers. HTTP server logs only record requests’ date and time as well as protocol, method and URL along with referrer and the corresponding response’s status code:

[01/Mar/2023:11:27:59 +0000] "GET /colophon/ HTTP/1.1" 200 ""

IP addresses or user-agent details are not recorded. Logs are retained for about a month.

Content is encrypted via HTTPS. Network providers and other intermediaries may still be able to observe connections to this website, but not what is being transmitted. This also prevents intermediaries from modifying content.